received_1100834679928595Hi, my name is Matt Hart. I am fully qualified and accredited Level 4 VTCT Sports Injury Specialist Massage Therapist, as well as a Level 2 YMCA Qualified Fitness Instructor. I am also the founder of the MJH Sports Massage private practice.

Whilst training 5 years ago I suffered a significant bicep strain, after trying every home remedy and google recommendation to help me recover, I kept re-injuring the muscle. Becoming more and more frustrated, with the lack of exercises I could now perform without any pain, I was encouraged to visit a local sports massage therapist. After 6/7 visits, my bicep was like new, and to this day I haven’t had a moment’s trouble (touch wood), which is why I personally swear by the benefits of sports massage. This also led me to change my career direction and re-train in this field. The skills that I have gained in my current line of work have combined very well with the knowledge acquired from my fitness instructing qualification.

Treatments are not just confined to my clinic in Camborne, I  have recently worked at several sporting events across Cornwall, including the Imerys Marathon and Cornwall Fire Service Half Marathon.

However, sports participation is not a prerequisite for benefiting from sports massage, regardless of activity level, day to-day aches and pains, commonly caused by poor posture or work related impediments can also be treated successfully.

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