Initial Assessment – Free of charge

Upon your first visit I will always undergo a brief consultation that can last anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes, this will allow me to gain a better understanding of the problem area(s), and if necessary go through a posture analysis and range of movement test, thus ensuring that every minute of your massage is used wisely.


30 Minute Sports Massage –  £25.00

45 Minute Sports Massage – £35.00

60 Minute Sports Massage – £45.00


NormaTec Recovery

If you have never visited before you will still need to undergo a brief consultation, which should take no longer than 2-3 minutes.

Arms OR Legs (roughly 30 minutes) – £15.00

Arms AND Legs (roughly 60 minutes) – £30.00

Mobile Massage Rates (See Below)

For those of you unable, or not wishing to leave the comfort of your own home, my massage services are fully mobile. Mobile massage is an additional £5.00 on top of the rates shown above, plus £1.00 per mile for anyone outside of a 3 mile radius of my clinic.

Cupping Therapy

A cupping therapy treatment is charged at the same rate as my sports massage service. However, a normal cupping therapy session would last no longer than 30, to 45 minutes. It can also be incorporated into your sports massage session, at no extra cost.

Kinesiology Taping – £5

Anyone wishing to have any kinesiology tape applied, please let me know in advance, to ensure that we have adequate time at the end of the massage session.





2 Responses to Prices

  1. Chantal watson says:

    Hi there I am an active gym member have been working out non stop I feel a tightness in my legs and arms. What would you recommend? Where abouts are you based as I’m. In Camborne


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