With the UK (and other countries) currently in lock-down, I know it is a very frustrating time for all of you that are suffering from aches and pains, and are unable to see anyone.

Well I am here to help….. Whilst I can’t do any hands-on treatment, I may be able to advise you of some stretches, exercises, or movements, that you can do from home. I am not promising they will be a permanent fix, but they may at least help to keep the pain at bay until you can seek a qualified massage therapist, or physio.

All you have to do is simply fill out the contact form below, ensuring that you include as much detail as possible. For example:

  • How did the injury occur
  • Is the pain worse in the morning or evenings
  • Has the pain got progressively worse over time
  • What do you do for work
  • Do you have any hobbies that are relevant to the injury
  • Do you have any underlying health conditions
  • Are there movements that make the pain better or worse

The more detail you provide the more accurately I can begin to diagnose the issue.

If you are unable to fill in the boxes below you can always message me via the following social media platforms: