With the coronavirus continuing to play havoc with massage therapists (and their clients) all across the United Kingdom, it now looks like the 4th July will be the earliest that we can return to work. Therefore I have decided to offer you guys the chance to rent the most high tech recovery system on the market.

It has been over 8 weeks now since you guys could attend a massage appointment, to help relive those aches and pains, making this the answers to your prayers.

I am able to offer you rental of the NormaTec Recovery System, the same system being used by the worlds top athletes.

You can find out more about the NormaTec Recovery System on my website, but to give a brief overview, it uses compression technology to aid blood flow and the removal of toxins, thus helping to alleviate any tightness in your legs, arms, chest, shoulders, or upper back.

You can get all of these benefits for an extremely low price of just £20 for 1 day, £30 for 2 days, or £60 for 5 days. Considering that my normal charge for the usage of the NormaTec Recovery System is £15 for 30 minutes, or £30 for 60 minutes, that’s quite the bargain.

Adhering to the current social distancing rules, the entire process is completely contactless. I can offer a delivery/collection service for an additional £3 within 10 miles of my clinic, or the NormaTec Recovery System can be collected in person free of charge.

All I require is that you sign a Rental Agreement Form accepting liability for any damage caused whilst in your possession……. Hopefully there won’t be any.

If you wish to rent this state of the art recovery system, you can contact me via email by filling in the form below, or alternatively via Facebook, or Instagram.