“Matt is an accomplished massage therapist who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anybody. As a wicket-keeper my legs take quite a hammering during the season and Matt has helped with the overuse injuries and niggles that I’ve had. He is very professional and has given me some great advice about stretches to help me in-between sessions”


“I first asked Matt to have a look at a rotary cuff problem I was having in my left shoulder and after an in-depth and impressive examination Matt found that the problem was a huge knot under my left shoulder blade. Within only a few sessions Matt managed to work out the knot and free up my shoulder. I have had no problems since. I am very impressed by Matt’s knowledge of sports massage and the professional manner in which he conducted his services. Matt is very friendly and approachable and I would happily use his services again.”


“Whilst training for a marathon I developed problems with one of my knees which made running painful. I asked Matt whether he would be able to help resolve this issue. He worked on the knee and the surrounding muscles and suggested some strengthening exercises which would help. After only a few sessions the knee had loosened and the pain had gone. Since receiving treatment I have complete both a full and half marathon within the past few months. I now have 45 minute session(s) at least once a month to maintain flexibility in my knee. Thanks Matt.”


“Having a body made of chocolate, I’ve seen a few different guys over the years, and Matt is superb. Knowledgeable and informative, and not afraid to put some muscle into it. Can hurt a bit, but he wouldn’t be doing it properly if you don’t feel anything. No pain, no gain! I wouldn’t have gone back to play football had I not had good treatment on my quad. Would recommend to anyone.”


“Another deep massage session on my hamstring and calf but feeling the progress made every week makes it worth it!! Explanation throughout the massage as to the source of the problem, and what’s being done to correct it along with the results you feel in the days and weeks after leaves me not being able to rate/recommend MJHs service, and results higher.”


“Awesome and professional service.
Due to his background in sport himself he was very understanding and educated in terms of what I was trying to explain when it came to my injury. And has helped me through a couple of bad injuries which has allowed me to continue to train, teach and compete. I do and will continue to see Matt on a regular basis.”

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